SPECIAL EVENT - Meadow Dance Ruler Panel with Guest Instructor Amanda Murphy

Join us for this special event with guest instructor, Amanda Murphy!! 

Learn how to use specialty rulers on domestic machines to create beautiful pieces of art! Amanda
walks you through the possibilities with this panel she designed with specific rulers in mind. The
placement markers are already on the panel so we can jump right into stitching. This panel
coordinates with Amanda's Meadow Dance collection.

At lunch Amanda demonstrates several other Westalee sets, paving the way for more add-on

Class fee:  $80.00 if paid by 1/31/18, $89.00 2/1/18 or after.  Lunch is included.

NOTE:  If you register for both Amanda Murphy workshops, get both for $145.00 if paid by 1/31/18 or $160.00 2/1/18 or after.

Click here for the Meadow Dance Ruler Panel supply sheet.
Cost: $ 89.00
No Creative Class Cards may be used for this special event.
Materials Included:Lunch is included.
Requirements:Must have machine with capability to lower feed dogs AND must have appropriate ruler foot for your machine.
Instructor:Guest instructor Amanda Murphy